Caillette Update

I have cut open the first of the five caillettes.

Looks pretty good for a first attempt I have to say.  It’s perhaps a bit crumbly and might benefit from the more liberal use of the universal panacea, lard.  Tastes good though although some extra salt might be wise.  It goes very, very well with fresh bread and cornichons though which is good as I am not sensing a thrilled embrace for caillettes from everyone in this house so I have quite a few to eat.


3 thoughts on “Caillette Update

  1. Nick Piper says:

    And what of the paupiette? I like those

    • Alistair Leadbetter says:

      Crivens! Give me a chance. Are paupiettes the same idea just wrapped in a slice of meat rather in a caul or casing?

      • Nick Piper says:

        Yes I think so. But I have seen them called that and served more or less as a big meatball. I’ll consult the Larousse but as you say, these are variations on a theme. Tasty ones.

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