Baboon Skull

I’m working in Namibia at the moment [life’s hell eh?].  Here’s a picture of a baboon skull that was hanging on a wire fence in the middle of the bush on a burning hot day.  It was such a striking image, I had to share it



4 thoughts on “Baboon Skull

  1. nicholaspiper says:

    Are baboons considered a pest to some out there? Can you eat a baboon? Surely there must be some French recipes from EMPIRE al la baboon?

  2. Alistair Leadbetter says:

    Baboons are a real menace. They are the bad boys of the bush. They hang around, steal food, loiter, and charge around in gangs. They ruin crops and vineyards. They steal food from people’s houses. They broke into an electricity generator the other day near Okahandja. One of them got fried. I guess you can eat them but I haven’t tried it. I’ve had some excellent game though.

  3. Alistair Leadbetter says:

    I’m glad you liked the picture Alessandro

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