Today’s cheese is Brie [but not your usual Brie]

Thank you Bangladesh, I had a great time but I had to get home for a cheese fix.  The woman in the cheese shop had noticed that I was gone which I am taking to be a good thing.  I worry that my absence was badly affecting the shop’s turnover and we all have a responsibility to local shops.  I am simply doing my bit.

The first cheese I noticed was an oddity.  It’s a Brie, but not as I’ve ever encountered before.  This is a fresh Brie.  The more usual Brie has been matured for around a month.

Some people mature it for longer, maybe up to a year at which point it becomes “Brie Noir” or black Brie and it must be pretty chewy and potent.  It is claimed by the font of all knowledge [*cough*Wikipedia*cough*] that some people dip it in café au lait which sounds pretty disgusting to me and there are limits to any research.

Fresh Brie is only a few days old and, although it’s made from cow’s milk, is almost like a feta in terms of its acidity and in its crumbly consistency.  I can’t pretend that it’s a wildly interesting cheese on its own and you might want to reconsider serving it on a cheese plate but it does have its uses.

It needs to be lifted by other flavours so consider mixing it up with some salt, some coarsely ground black pepper and some cream and make small balls of the mixture to add to a salad or alternatively, use it in a dessert. Leave out the salt and black pepper and add sugar, some eau de vie or sweet white wine and a healthy amount of red fruit or berries, raspberries would be a fine option, and some chopped mint. Eh voila, as proper French people might say.




2 thoughts on “Today’s cheese is Brie [but not your usual Brie]

  1. Intriguing! This feels a bit like spring lamb or suckling pig to me though…too young to be of much flavour. Is it significantly different to Feta to suggest it has some specific use beyond that of its hellenic archetype?

  2. […] cheese is almost mythological.  I mentioned its rumoured existence some time ago here but I have never found it.  Until […]

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