Flower Photographs

I have a nice new camera and it allows me to take nice photographs and do things with depth of focus and shutter speeds and ISO numbers and other such exciting things.  I’m not entirely sure what they are but I am assured that they are exciting nonetheless.

I took the camera with me on a visit to Giverny, where Monet lived and painted.  It was a gorgeous day and we timed the visit just right – there were very few other people there and it was a beautiful, late summer’s day.

The gardens are, as you might expect, wonderful.  Here are a small number of flower photos that I am rather pleased with.  If yet more proof was needed of my ignorance, I have no idea what the names of these flowers are but I hope that doesn’t spoil any pleasure you might find here.  Anyway, click on the photos to get a bigger version.


2 thoughts on “Flower Photographs

  1. Roger says:

    The bee on the flower is stunning! Thanks.

    • Alistair Leadbetter says:

      Thanks for your comment Roger. It was great to see so many bees there given all of the current worries. They made getting the photographs so much easier!

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