Men’s Magazine Covers of the 1960s

Here’s a magnificent selection of US magazine covers from the early to mid 1960s.  If anything summarises the decade’s fears and concerns then it’s this media.  Nazis, communists [particularly those that look like Fidel or Che] , blacks, sexually active women, the young, homosexuals, monkeys and flesh eating turtles.  OK, the turtles might be an exaggeration but foreign animals that, much like foreigners, can’t be trusted.  Everybody wants to torture or molest those scantily dressed white women with beautiful lingerie and lots of lipstick.  Even the women of Belsen are extraordinarily glamorous.  The only people these white women in their ripped clothing didn’t need to worry about seems to have been the men of the United States themselves, who were simply too terrified. Of everything.


MANSLIFENov1957_CoverbyWilHulsey-8x6 MansLifeSeptember1956WeaselsRippedMy TRUEMENSTORIESAug1957_CoverbyWilHulsey-8x6

MansDaringSeptember1963_Artistuncredited-8x6 BluebookMarch1963_CoverbyBobSchulz_-8x6 NewManNovember1964_CoverartbyNormanSaunders-8x6 MENTODAY-197208AugustcoverbyWalterPopp-8x6 MENTODAYMarch1969-coverbyMelCrair-8x61 MansDaringJanuary1962-www_MensPulpMags_com--8x6 NewMan1964 MansLifeMay1957_CoverbyWillHulsey CHAMPIONFORMENOct1959_CoverbyClarenceDoore-8x6 SPUR-195909Sept-coverlikelybyPaulGorenson-8x6 1 11 tumblr_mevmp0nIFI1rmaf7po1_1280 StagJanuary1951-MadMonkeys-8x6 NewManSeptember1965_ArtbyNormanSaunders-8x6 MansStorySeptember1965_ArtbyNormEastman-8x6


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